De miniCMIT is kleiner dan CMIT5U maar heeft exact dezelfde akoestische eigenschappen en dezelfde richtingswerking. De microfoon is 10cm korter dan de CMIT5U en is maar 15cm in lengte. Het laag-af filter is 24dB/octaaf bij 70Hz.
  • Fixed Low Cut, 24dB/oct, 70 Hz
  • Frequency response, directional characteristics and noise figures are the same as for the CMIT 5
  • Wide range of accepted voltages: P48 (down to 24V) and P12
  • Schoeps RFI Shield: Yes
  • Current consumption: only 2.3mA (P48) - this maximizes the lifetime of a battery-powered transmitter
  • Sensitivity: 16.5 mV/Pa
  • Max. SPL (1kHz, THD <0.5%)
  • Output impedance / max. cable length: 100Ω / >100m.
  • Equivalent noise: 14dB-A /24dB-CCIR (P48)
  • Output format: XLR-3M, analogue, 1 channel
  • Weight: 78 g
  • Length: 151 mm
Rycote Windshield kit:
Product Height: 230 mm
Product Length: 280 mm
Product Width: 100 mm

Perfect For the MiniCMIT from Rycote on Vimeo.