Zaxcom RX-12 K027543
Prijs Ex. BTW:

Portable wideband modular receiver assembly with integrated antenna distribution for bag or cart use.

RX-12 is a one stop receiver solution for your bag or cart. It contains a 35MHz tracking front end filter to eliminate interference from unwanted stray RF, an RF amplifier and antenna and power distribution for up to six QRX212 dual receiver modules for the reception of twelve separate TRX transmitters. The built-in frequency scanner and Auto-Pick software can coordinate and choose the best frequencies. Pair the RX-12 with Nomad 10 or Nomad 12 and ZaxNet will re-frequency your transmitters to match with the touch of a button. In addition, the RX-12 and Nomad combo allows for quick and easy TRX gain adjustments.

RX-12 also has an additional antenna distribution through an amplified RF loop through.

Remove the guesswork: after a spectrum scan, Auto-Pick automatically coordinates and chooses the best frequencies with the touch of a button

Interact colorfully: full color LCD display with intuitive user interface and simple menu navigation